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Putting Psychological and Social Support on the Agenda – Creating Awareness

In this session, we’ll discuss what psychological and social support means. We look at constructive actions that help us better support each other as colleagues through different life stressors and health. We all deserve a work environment that is supportive. We all think of ways we can support each other at work and make a positive contribution as a team.

Topics covered

  •  Actions that improve               psychological and social         support 
  •  Psychologically safe               discussions
  • Understand the importance   of protecting the   psychological health and     safety
  • Actions that improve you         psychologically

                                                                            2.5 Hours 

Psychologically Safe Interactions

We all deserve to have a safe working environment. This workshop goes beyond physical safety to psychological safety. This means we communicate in ways that do no harm to others. Together, we think of the ideal safe environments we wish to work in and the type we all wish to create

Topics covered:

  • The unintended consequences of  what we say and do
  • The assumptions we make about others
  • The meaning of moral courage for our workplace

                  3 hours

               Emotional Distress 


As human beings, pain cannot be avoided, which means we can act with impulse. This can affect not only the individuals bust also those around them.

Topics covered 

  • Practicing Mindfulness
  • Self Soothing and Distractions
  • Evaluating Pros and Cons
  • Accepting reality 
  • Living and coping in the current moment

                         1.5 hours

Building Resilience Surviving to Thriving

Topics covered

  • Recognizing your automatic responses to situations
  • Recognizing and exploring    stressors
  • Choosing healthier responses to stress
  • Acceptance of things and people you cannot change
  • Avoiding unnecessary stress
  • Coping Strategies when feeling  overwhelmed

3 hours 

Emotional Intelligence 

Emotional intelligence is being able to identify and respond effectively to our own and other people’s emotions.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding of what            emotionally triggers us
  • Explore the functions of          emotions
  • Self reflect on when behaviors are a symptom of emotion
  • Respond effectively to the      emotions of others


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Emotion Regulation Skills


Learn how to identify our emotions and recognise what role they play in our lives. We often face times where our emotions can compromise our actions and the way we deal with conflict. Although it is challenging, we all can find it difficult reacting in a healthy way. It is human to not find certain situations pleasant and to react emotionally, especially since it can affect the way we feel about something or the situation. The good thing is the ability to prevent acting on our emotions can be managed with strategies learnt for a more manageable emotional state of mind

Topics covered

  • Understand the emotions we experience 
  • Decreasing emotional vulnerability
  • Decreasing Emotional Suffering by using regulation tools & techniques

                      1.5 Hours 

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Resolving Conflict for Leaders

The conflict between employees where either or both are showing signs of mental distress. It may be difficult to resolve where employees are required to discuss disagreements face to face. This may be intimidating or overwhelming for all involved.

Topics covered:

  • Preserving the dignity of all    parties
  • Avoid forced or insincere        apologies
  • Increase commitment to          improving relationships
  • Develop a process for              accountability

1.5 Hours 

Putting Civility and Respect on the Agenda

Improving psychological health and safety is a process that needs to involve everyone. This session is focused on discussing what civility and respect are. This session does not focus on individuals' existing or past situations.

Topics covered:

  • Psychologically safe discussions
  • Actions that improve civility  and respect
  • Addressing challenges
  • Making a plan for positive change in your workplace

          Duration 30 Minutes 

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           Suicide Awareness 

                 in Aotearoa

FREE - Awareness learning

Note: When registered a password will be emailed to youJoin this free learning  on Aotearoa New Zealand's Su​icide here in New Zealand. It is alarming and more common then one might think. This silent presentation shows that nobody is immune to Suicide and it can happen at a frighting young age. This video will outline the industries that have been affected and which industries are prevalent with those lost from Suicide. 

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