"Helping Employers support their Employees"

Not only do we support your employee if feeling overwhelmed, but them becoming members we will equip them with personal resiliency skills by allowing them to access all of our workshops for FREE !!

AND  You can choose to subsidise your employees membership! 

Full membership is $9 per week so you can contribute anything towards this to support your employee to access valuable support and become resilient individuals in all aspects of their lives, most importantly for you, productive and happy employees!

You can really help yo​ur employees by having support available to them if they become emotionally vulnerable directly affecting performance and resilience to do their job.

⇨ Your employees are likely to be going through a lot in their personal lives and have no one to help them in a healthy and supportive way

⇨ We support employees with coming up with strategies to cope and resolve what is contributing to their distress

⇨ We provide techniques and continuous learning to help with emotional resilience, you can be assured your employee is receiving wellbeing support

⇨ Your employee will have a sense of freedom and preform at their best everyday at work. This will make the working environment a safer and happier place to be

⇨ Your employee will personally appreciate you as their leader/manager and will feel like a valued member of your team who is important and worth investing in

⇨ It is affordable! at $9 a week per employee for unlimited support and employees can reach out whenever they feel the need for support

⇨ You as an employer can include this support as part of your health and safety policies and wellbeing processes within your organisation

⇨ Our 8 Wellbeing Workshops are free for all of your staff to utilize when becoming a member  

Why it’s good for business to care about

Mental wellbeing in your workplace

Is NZ Law

In New Zealand Law, Employers are responsible for the physical and mental wellbeing of their staff. You can refer to Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 which states businesses must take reasonably practicable steps to protect health and prevent harm at work, including psychological harm.

More Revenue Building

Effective workplaces that consider their staff’s mental health have proven to have a positive impact financially on business’s. It has been shown to reduce staff turnover up to 46%!!

It means a lot to your workers

Having your wellbeing taken into consideration is a huge motivator for choosing a job. It’s not all about how much you are getting paid. It is about how you feel in a workplace and the job you are doing that counts. Retaining staff because they have a great morale saves a lot of money in the long run