"Helping Employers support their Employees"

Having support and coaching available for your employees when the need arises can make them more resilient and productive in the workplace. if you can help your employees access our valuable service it will result in happier, healthier and more emotionally resilient professionals.

Productivity is important for any company and organisation. So we are here to help. It is important to any company that employees feel safe within the workplace when things happen in your employees lives it can affect moral and productivity. You can really help your employees by having support available to them if they become emotionally vulnerable directly affecting performance and their resilience to do their job.


Your employees have a lot going on in their lives. Some have been exposed to trauma, some bad health, some dealing with court and some go home to unhealthy relationships everyday after work 

We provide learning workshops to help learn resilience and coping mechanisms. It helps individuals when faced with challenges and they are finding it hard to cope either at home and at work.

Have a look at our WORKSHOP  page for group learning to give your staff tools for when the going gets tough mentally and emotionally

We provide FREE Suicide Awareness Seminars. It only takes 1/2 hour of time and is easy to follow (this may be of interest to any service directly supporting those with mental illness and distress in the community.

Our Story

Why it’s good for business to care about

Mental wellbeing in your workplace

Improved Productivity

Did you know being happy at work increases productivity by 12% if that doesn’t sound like much think again! An Australian study has found that workers at three times more effective workers then the least healthy

It’s good for business

For every $1 spent on organisational wellbeing it has a return of $5 or even as high as $9. Price Waterhouse Coopers showed an average of $2.30 for every $1 invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace

Is NZ Law

In New Zealand Law, Employers are responsible for the physical and mental wellbeing of their staff. You can refer to Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 which states businesses must take reasonably practicable steps to protect health and prevent harm at work, including psychological harm.

It means a lot to your workers

Having your wellbeing taken into consideration is a huge motivator for choosing a job. It’s not all about how much you are getting paid. It is about how you feel in a workplace and the job you are doing that counts. Retaining staff because they have a great morale saves a lot of money in the long run

More Revenue Building

Effective workplaces that consider their staff’s mental health have proven to have a positive impact financially on business’s. It has been shown to reduce staff turnover up to 46%!!


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