Revive Employee Support

  "Support when you need it" 

- Wellbeing - Advocacy - Education


Revive Employee Support is a service designed to support those in work that may suffer from distress in the workplace. Anyone at any age is able to be a part of our service as we believe everyone should be able to reach out for support at any time. Revive is here to support you and listen. Sometimes relationships at work and at home can be difficult ,so we will be available to support you the moment you need it.

Our consultants are very familiar with what it is like to feel distressed, whether it is as a result of bullying or harassment in the workplace or you are just finding it hard to cope for other reasons, we want you to succeed and be able to stay in work and deal with situations in our lives with someone who cares.

How we support you

  •  Meet for a coffee /tea somewhere you feel safe and discuss issues in confidence
  •  Provide advocacy with you for employer meetings if require
  •  We document our meetings to be used as evidence if required

  •  Utilize free community law services on your behalf

  •  Refer to other supportive organizations that could help

  •  Bring support to you on work breaks

  •  Share ideas on how to overcome difficult situations

  •  Peer support from peers who have lived experience in mental health 

  •  Provide support with CV, Cover Letters and Interview processes

  •  Provide support over the phone, Text, video calling or in person the moment you need it

  •  Catch up with you to see how you are and to see how we may be able to support you  

  •  Liaise with your Employer if needed for any employment matters that may arise 

  •  Give ideas on how to deal with emotions and ways of coping when distressed

  •  Provide ideas on how to deal with difficult personality types at work

  •  Support you at appointments and meetings with Doctors, ACC, Work and Income, Community Mental Health, Employer,     Department of Internal Affairs, Lawyers etc