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  "Support when you need it" 


 No time to find the support you need? Have problems in your life and don't know where to get support? perhaps your distressed at work

Everyone deserves to access advocacy 

We are here to help!

Mental health is something we all need to look after. Everyone has it and it is an important part of being human. Whether you have a mental health diagnosis or not, feeling vulnerable at work is not nice. So whenever there is a relationship breakdown or you are finding it difficult at work, whatever the reason, whether you are struggling in your home life or while at work, Revive is here to support you through. Revive are here to provide a very informative, encouraging service who understand

We are very familiar with what it is like to feel stressed and/or distressed. Whether it is as a result of bullying in the workplace, or you are facing challenges at home or perhaps with your health. If you are just finding it hard to cope we are here to support you. We believe everyone deserves to have support and advocacy to get through difficult times no matter how big or small

We will support you via text, phone, in-person and video calling so that you get customized support especially suited to your own individual needs. 

You may have been diagnosed with Mental illness and need support accessing specialized or clinical support, perhaps you need to access financial assistance at Work and Income or ACC.  We have staff with personal lived experience with mental illness who will be happy to support you whatever your need maybe if this is what you prefer.

We also strive to build knowledge within the workforce on different support options available for individuals and their families within the region. By sharing easy coping techniques that are commonly provided by therapists, we ensure no one misses out on important self-care. All participants at workshops will learn at least 5 different coping techniques they can use in their day to day lives

A whopping 52% of our total suicide rates in New Zealand are people employed. This needs to change!

"New Zealand has the second-highest rate of Workplace bullying and Harassment in the developed world!" - STU‚ÄčFF   

"1 in 5 New Zealanders feel bullied in the workplace"

"Suicides have been individuals that usually had 2 or more things that are triggering distress in their lives. The most common being, separation, not accessing their children and financial difficulties i.e redundancy or lack of to support the family needs"  - Coroners Findings in Provisional Suicide Statistics Report

"1 in 6 New Zealanders have a diagnosis of a Mental health condition"


"Statistics show suicide rates are people who are in Employment vs those without employment " 2018 Coronary Report 

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